What Happens When A Guy Who Sort of Knows Shit About Anime Reviews Neon Genesis Evangelion (Part 1: Childhood)


Editor’s note (there is no editor…it’s just me, but still, it sounds cool): Given the sheer depth of NGE, I’ve decided to break down my reviews of this series into multiple blog posts, each of which will cover different themes, and one of which will cover the “End of” movie. These posts will be published closely together, but they won’t be successive — mainly because I don’t have that sort of attention span — so feel free to vote on the anime I should review next on the Facebook page. Oh, there’s also spoilers in this one. Enjoy.

My first experience with Evangelion was a few months back when I came across a Youtube clip of a little, red-headed girl in a giant robot about to get seriously fucked up by a bunch of other giant robots, all the while screaming, “I’ll kill you. I”ll kill you. I’ll kill you.”

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Big News

I’m moving! Well, sort of…

The TV/Movies and Books section of the site will be moving to a new domain that will be announced…uh…when it’s ready, I guess. As for this site, it’ll be turned into a review site that focuses on anime and maybe other forms of Asian media from a critical outsider’s perspective.

If that’s not your thing, please be patient. I’m ripping my hair out getting the new site ready and will announce it as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and please stay tuned in.

- db

What Happens When A Guy Who Doesn’t Know Shit About Anime Reviews ‘Welcome to the NHK’


Some spoilers in this one, guys.

So if you happened across the /r/anime subreddit earlier this week, you probably had the great fortune — or misfortune, depending on your view, I guess – of reading my post: “What Happens When A Guy Who Doesn’t Know Shit About Anime Watches Anime.” I was kind of surprised to see the post blow up the way it did, not only on Reddit, but Stumbleupon and a few other social media outlets. I was even more surprised by the demand for more anime-related content and the slew of suggestions of what should be in my queue of what to watch next. And so, considering how much I’ve enjoyed the ride thus far, I decided, “what the hey…let’s do this.”

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What Happens When a Guy Who Doesn’t Know Shit About Anime Watches Anime


Whenever I would hear the word ‘anime’, I would think of what most people would think of when they hear the word ‘anime’: little kids in giant robots, boobs, and borderline paedophilia. And so when a friend of mine challenged me to give a few shows this season a chance, I was a little…how should I say…hesitant. Continue reading

Why I Think Don Draper Has To Die at the End of Mad Men


This article contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Mad Men is one of “those” shows. You know, a show that seems like something simple at first, but then a secondary character gets his foot chopped off by a secretary riding a tractor or a more primary character slices off his own nipple in a delusional attempt to stop computers from turning all men gay, and you begin to think, “maybe there’s something more here.” Continue reading

Going back to my roots…


When I first started this blog, I tried to build it off good, analytical writing that people could really jump in and relate to. Since then, I’ve basically transformed the site into a mini-Buzzfeed, writing unoriginal top 10 pieces — mainly because I needed content and they’re easy to write and a simple way to keep people coming back for more.

That’s not the direction I ever wanted this blog to take. So, I’m going to try and return to my roots. I’m going to try and consistently supply this blog with more high-quality articles that might actually get people engaged and listening. That may mean less consistent content on a daily or weekly basis, but, at this point, I’d much rather take quality over quantity.

So here’s to a renewed chapter. Hope you guys enjoy.

- db

The Stanley Kubrick Moon Landing Hoax and Other Weird Facts & Stories About the Director

Stanley Kubrick’s influence on modern cinema cannot be overstated. The famed filmmaker created some of the most memorable films of the 20th century and revolutionized our movie-going experience. Let’s look at some rather odd things you might not know about him starting with the infamous Stanley Kubrick Moon Landing Hoax.

Stanley Kubrick Moon LandingStanley Kubrick Moon Landing Theory
There’s an extremely popular conspiracy theory that not only did we not land on the moon, but that Kubrick was the mastermind behind fabricating the lunar footage. With his sci-fi expertise in 2001: A Space Odyssey combined with the general disbelief that we had the technology to land on the moon in 1969, people all over the world have bought into this Stanley Kubrick Moon Landing Hoax. We’re not buying it… Continue reading

Not Dead Yet

I know, I know…it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this blog and you’re all probably wondering if I’m dead or have just flown the coop.

The answer is neither.

I’m very much alive and around, and believe it or not, I still come back and check this site every day or so. I’ve just been busy working on projects for other people and have been dealing with some unfortunate health issues as of late — but those will hopefully clear up in time.

I have plans in the very near future to ‘restart’ this blog with brand new daily content, so that the 1,000 or so of you who come to visit every day have something new to look at. I can’t give you a definitive timeframe on that, unfortunately, but expect me back in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, if you really like this site, please support it by liking us on our new Facebook page or Twitter — the follow button is on the top right corner for the latter. It seriously, seriously, seriously helps. Like seriously.

No, really. Seriously.

All that being said, I’m excited for what the future holds and hope I can sprinkle onto you some badass content in the next few weeks.

Till then.


Interview: Eric Shonkwiler

DSC_00601Eric Shonkwiler’s writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books, The Millions, Fiddleblack, [PANK] Magazine, and Midwestern Gothic. He was born and raised in Ohio, received his MFA from The University of California at Riverside, and has lived and worked in every contiguous U.S. timezone. Above All Men is his first novel.

Eric recently took some time to talk to Dashboard Citizen about his upcoming novel and writing in general. Continue reading